The Value of Trash

As I sat in the garage on Thursday preparing to head to work, I reached for my Air Pods per my daily routine. Usually, they’re in my cup holder but on this particular day they’re not. Maybe I unconsciously threw them in my purse after using them to talk to Gerard the day prior. So no biggie, and I casually reached in my purse to grab them. But nope, they were nowhere to be found.

Frantically, I began to toss everything out of my purse like a mad woman. Stuff was flying EVERYWHERE! Yet, they were still M.I.A. and panic mode was in full effect. Even more so because I was running late and had to go! Traffic was going to be a beast if I didn’t leave right then and there.

At this point I clearly had to make a decision: Leave them behind or risk it all until I found them. So, of course, I went with the latter because A) They’re Airpods and B) who doesn’t hate leaving their headphones behind! But where could they be?

Retracing my steps from the prior day, I backtracked in the house. As I stood in the kitchen, the blur of my actions became a little clearer. I remember throwing some trash away when I walked in the house. Now I had to go trash diving. Layer after layer of grossness I came up empty handed until I looked a little further and voila, there they were.

Some of you may be thinking why is Eboni making such a big fuss over these Air Pods? Well, at first I thought it’s because they’re not only expensive but also valuable. Then I realized God was showing me a lesson far more valuable than the headphones.

Many times we throw ourselves away and don’t even realize it. We stop seeing the value of our lives based on the choices, situations, and circumstances we made or encountered. That causes us to constantly question the point of our lives and our worth.

Today I simply want to remind you that though you may feel thrown away and that your life has no value, it does! Christ has already gone through great depths of trash for you. Every day that you wake up, He’s right there with you and not willing to leave you behind. He’s still seeking you out in spite of where you are. Just grasp hold of your worth as He’s waiting on you to do it.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the actions He’s already taken for you. He knew everything about your life before it even existed and He STILL chose to give His life for you. Stop believing the lies that you aren’t of any value because you are. Value is based on how much someone is willing to pay for something. And I’d say when Jesus gave His life for you your value skyrocketed up.

So going forward, I encourage you to start each day off a little differently. Look at yourself in the mirror and affirm God’s love for you. And remember, you’re pretty valuable and the world needs all you have to offer.

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