Watch Where You’re Going

“Watch Where You’re Going!!”

If you’re a parent, you’re definitely familiar with this phrase and probably say it quite a few times a day to your children. At least I know Gerard and I do when it comes to Mia. It wasn’t until a scary incident happened that made me look at this phrase in a different light.

About a month ago, we were at our friends’ house for their kid’s birthday party. Kids were in the pool, the bounce house, and running around everywhere. My child didn’t want to get in the pool because she wanted to keep her dress on. (Can we say, Diva!) Instead, she lounged on the pool chair while eating snacks. Moments later a bubble wand caught her eye and ended up in her hand.

Without a care in the world, she continuously ran back and forth, waving the wand to produce the biggest bubbles. I remember saying, “Stop running by the pool, Mia!” multiple times. But of course, she didn’t listen.

After a few more laps she finally listened. Unfortunately, it was short lived. She started running again, but of course this time she wasn’t paying attention. Mia was looking back at everything going on behind her and not focused on her ultimate destination…more bubbles. As I watched her, I realized a disaster was right around the corner if she didn’t turn around. And sure enough, it did!

Everything happened within a couple of seconds. Her right foot went into the pool and her body followed. All I could see was her trying to save herself. But thank God by the time Gerard got to her she was perfectly fine, just a little shaken up.

Since that situation happened, I realized just how much I could personally relate to it. I’m not referring to falling into pools with my clothes on but the internal tug-of-war between my past and future. Let me just tell you, looking backwards while attempting to move forward simply doesn’t work.

There have been numerous times God has said to me, “Watch where you’re going Eboni,” especially in my marriage. For example, I use to shut down when it came to conflict. With each argument, my level of anger and resentment grew. Then, I would act like nothing ever happened. I’d focus on my past hurtful relationships while sulking in the inadequacies they created within me. This combination caused me to overlook the potential of my marriage and what it could be.

But once I stopped wrestling with my stubborn self, I finally made a decision. A decision to solely place my trust in the only one who knew the future He destined for. When I did, He revealed to me that He’s always moving and so should I. If I don’t move with Him I’ll miss Him. Sure, it’s okay to reflect on my past but in no way should I remain stuck there. Instead, I need to focus on everything God says my life can be.

I can honestly say since making a conscious shift in focusing forward and not looking back, I’m excited about what God is doing. He’s allowed me to feel more confident as a wife, while now caring for other married couples in the process. You see how God can use you in the place where you feel the most inadequate?

So do you want to stay in the past or experience the future God has for you? I recommend leaving the past in the past. Running confidently to what God has in store for you and don’t look back. Your future depends on it. Plus, you may save yourself from a dive in the pool!

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