It was raining the other morning as my daughter Mia and I were preparing to leave the house.  We were talking about the rain and I told her to embrace it.  Her enthusiastic response was, “Ok, I’ll embrace it!”  In that moment I remember saying to myself, ‘I pray she keeps that attitude about life, because it’s hard.’  I want her to always look at rain as a positive rather than a negative.

So often we see rain as an inconvenience because it affects so many areas of our lives:

  • Our moods
  • Our plans
  • Our outlook
  • Our safety

Our first response to rain is generally to seek protection in things, like that crappy umbrella we all have stashed in our car. Maybe in the past, we’ve sought protection from our personal rainstorms in wrong things such as dead relationships, promiscuity, lies, insecurities, and so much more. If we are rooted in God’s word, shouldn’t we dance in the rain instead of running to false security? Is it because we don’t know the correlation between water, seeds, and harvest?

But what if we started looking at rain as something positive? Looking at rain as something that’s growing our purpose in God’s kingdom.  Often, we want an umbrella when God wants to water the seeds we have planted.  What seeds have you planted but haven’t seen them sprout?

When we’re planting the right seeds, we should be like the tree in Psalm 1:3, planted with deep roots among the stream of water God has provided (the word of God).  Even though the rain of life is sometimes uncomfortable, we can still dance in it because we know what God’s word says.  Rain (the word of God) provides:

  • Nourishment to feed our souls.  If we stay fed by the word, our faith will continue to grow deep roots.   So when life happens, our faith is strong enough to keep us moving forward. {John 4:14}
  • A refreshing outlook by changing our focus and understanding what we go through isn’t for us, but for someone else. {2 Corinthians 1:4}
  • Provision of endurance to complete the race ahead of us.  We may get tired but we will not quit! {Romans 5:3-4}
  • A calming wave of peace that surpasses our understanding while we’re waiting for our seeds to grow. We may not understand the big picture but we know who created it.  {Philippians 4:7}
  • A place of rest when we get weary.  We grow weary when our expectations and reality don’t match.  But when our expectations line up with God’s will for our lives our new reality is WE WIN!{Galatians 6:9}

So maybe our perspective on rain is completely wrong.  Yes, it may “rain on your parade” (whatever that means).  But in the end, rain waters the seeds we’ve sown in our gardens and allows them – and our faith – to grow.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me a new perspective on the rain.  Thank you for restoring my hope and joy in you, allowing me to dance freely no matter what life brings me.  I know that your Word is true and will not return until it has completed what it was set forth to do.  But most importantly help me to trust your timing and plan for my life.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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