What keeps people moving once they start something?  What stops them from giving up on living their purpose?  What’s the driving force behind their commitment?  In other words, what drives their momentum?

Personally, I’m good at having ideas yet giving up before they really get started.  Then I get frustrated and the cycle starts all over, idea after idea after idea.  But nothing has been accomplished.  So I examined myself to understand why I give up so easily.  I’ve come to the conclusion, it’s because I’m not staying in my lane.

I don’t know much about running track but I do know one thing – you have to stay in your lane or it’s a problem.  Runners don’t just get out on the track and start running – that would be an utter disaster.  Instead, they…

  1. Envision their future before it happens,
  2. Know their why,
  3. Make a plan,
  4. Overcome obstacles, and
  5. Overlook distractions

And we should follow the same steps to live out our purpose so we don’t lose momentum.

Before runners start training they envision their future – the finish line has a purpose.  Just like we have a purpose.  They see it before it happens and we have to do the same.  But how does our purpose come to life – by faith.  I use to think faith was just praying and waiting for God to do the miraculous.  Oh was I wrong, faith is a verb, which means we have to move!

When we dream these big dreams and have no idea how they’re going to happen, understanding our why is the only thing to keep us moving forward.  So why not seek the one who gave us these dreams and can provide us with the answers?  Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  If we know why we’re running the race, the distance will never matter.

Next, we have to make a plan.  If we don’t have a plan we have nothing.  Habakkuk 2:2 instructs us to write down a plan – it gives us a point of reference when we get tired or doubt sets in.  It’s just the motivation needed when we get weary.  Remember, even though it may not be coming together in your timing or how you think it should – IT WILL HAPPEN!

As runners are training they have to overcome obstacles, so will we.  They get tired, exhausted, hurt, and overwhelmed but continue to move.  Obstacles seem to knock us down, even though they happen for a reason – to teach us something like keep pushing.  Some of us learn from them and keep moving while others completely give up.  I wonder how many times I’ve given up and was right there at the finish line?  But I beg of you, don’t give up – God has ordered our steps and is directing our paths.  Someone is depending on you; your impact is needed.

I think the hardest part of staying in our lane is being able to overlook distractions.  We tend to compare ourselves to others, yet successful runners aren’t worried about what is going on in the other lanes – only theirs.  We could definitely take note from them.  It’s so easy to look at what other people are doing and lose focus of our progression.  Learn to celebrate every accomplishment no matter how small it may seem.  Appreciate your progress instead of envying someone else’s, progress is progress and you’re not where you started.

I hope everyone understands we all have a purpose, which was given to us before we were ever formed.  Now, all we have to do is stay in our lane and not lose momentum.  Celebrate where you are and where your lane is leading you because it was specially designed for you.  And remember, the race isn’t given to the swift but the one who endures.

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