Gerard and I used to go downtown, find a bench, and just people watch – I love it! It’s a combination of human actions, patterns, and just overall uniqueness that makes people interesting.  One night we were out and this couple next to us were all over each other.  That mesmerized, lovey-dovey, man-go-get-a-room type of public affection.  What we all call that “new” love.  We immediately started laughing and began to piece together what we thought was their story.

Well, when you think about it, we all have a story.  Question is – what will you do with yours?  Our lives are nothing but a compilation of events that have happened – good, bad, or indifferent.  Some events are consequences of our actions while others are completely out of our control.  Yet, we’re still standing and God wants to use us.  Here are couple examples from the bible:

 The Samaritan Woman.  Most people have heard the story in John 4 about Jesus visiting the Samaritan woman at the well.  She came to draw water during the hottest time of the day hoping to avoid everyone because of her reputation.  Now, how many of us have tried to “hide” because of the opinions of others?  She had been married five times and was living with a man who wasn’t even her husband.  Jesus already knew her situation but asked her for a drink.  She went back and forth with Jesus, pretty much questioning his motives.  Sound familiar?  I know I’ve questioned God, especially asking “Why ME?!?!”  But he knew what she needed and tried to get her to see it.  She had a purpose and so do you.

The Woman with the Issue of Blood.  In Luke 8 there is woman who has been bleeding consistently for 12 years.  Not only is she dealing with this unknown ailment that no one can explain or cure, but she’s also considered unclean.  Anything she touched was labeled as unclean.  But she heard Jesus was coming through town and she believed He was the cure.  Her faith produced the strength she needed to get through the crowd who labeled her.  I’m sure that was embarrassing but she made her way, touched his garment, and was healed.  He asked who touched his garment even though He already knew.  She was trembling but answered and told her story on the platform Jesus provided – in front of the crowd of those who labeled her without knowing her.

In both situations, these women had stories – stories that changed the world.  They stepped out of their comfort zone and spoke up, something we find hard to do at times because we are concerned with perception.  The Samaritan woman ended up receiving what she needed by confronting her past, transforming her into a motivating mouthpiece for the Lord.  The woman with the issue of blood sought out her healing not realizing it was part of the Master’s plan to show others that faith produces wholeness.

So many times we discount our stories as a result of the pain we feel.  We question, “Why would someone listen to me?”  Well the answer is because you went through the situation and it didn’t defineyou.  Instead, it crowned you as an overcomer, survivor, and victor!  Your story is a gift-wrapped package called healing that you need to share.  Healing overcomes the feeling of hopelessness, defeat, hurt, shame, guilt, and disappointment.  In the bible, Jesus always gave and if we’re striving to be like him we should do the same.

God knew your story before you were created so don’t be ashamed of it!  Your story isn’t a punishment, but rather it’s God providing you with a platform to tell how you went through and came out a victor.  So the next time an opportunity presents itself, proudly share your story!  Like my church says, “See What God Can Do Through You!”  I promise you, He’ll blow your mind in the process.

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