Pride: The Silent Killer

The week before Easter I was meditating on how Jesus died so I could live. I don’t mean simply existing from day-to-day, but truly living. Thinking about this caused me to write down a question to myself, “What must I allow to die so I can live?”

For some reason I couldn’t think of an answer even after a few days. Speaking from experience, it’s hard to call out the negative aspects of our lives. Especially since we like to “appear” as if we have it all together. But honestly, I’m at a place in my life now where I need my outward appearance to match my inward being.

Yet, little did I know only a few days later my answer would come through an invitation to join a morning devotional hosted by one of my small group members. This particular morning, the devotional talked about “asking” and was based off of Mark 11:24,

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

As the conference call line opened up for comments, I began to share that I struggle with asking for stuff. Whether it’s asking God, my spouse, family members, or friends for something, I struggle with speaking up. It’s just hard for me to do! Maybe it’s a defense mechanism to protect myself from being disappointed.

But the more I shared, the brighter the light bulb became in my head. There it was, the answer to my question! The thing I must allow to die is my PRIDE.

I can admit, not easily, at times I’ve allowed pride to cause unnecessary strains in relationships…Especially in my marriage.

For instance, Gerard and I could have an argument but I’ll struggle to apologize or express myself. Or, I can feel overwhelmed at times, yet I won’t ask for help or share my emotions so I don’t appear weak. I know it’s crazy, we’re both on the same team! And I know he genuinely cares about me and my well-being (it’s just me!). But sad to say, this is what pride has caused me to do.

After examining these situations (and myself), I realize now that pride is a silent killer. At times, I’ve allowed it to kill my joy, strength, hope, and peace. And if you’re like me when it comes to pride, you too will allow it to pull up an unwanted chair at your table.

Here are a few ways pride finds its way into your life.

  1. Fault-Finding. Pride causes us to become hypocrites. We see the wrong in everyone else’s actions but not our own. {Matthew 7:3-5}
  2. Superficiality. When we allow pride to live in our hearts, how others perceive us is more important than the true reality of our hearts. We choose to fight only the sins others can see and make peace with the ones they cannot.
  3. Desperate for Attention. Pride is our own hunger for attention, respect, and worship. Pride strikes us every time we move the focus from God to ourselves.
  4. Neglecting Others. Are you guilty of preferring some people over others? Pride will have us classifying people based off of the world’s standard of being worthy and neglecting people we should be drawing closer to.

Being able to determine how pride has manifested in certain areas of my life has been a game changer. It’s also made me realize that maybe more of us struggle with pride than I thought. But by God’s grace we can return to the pure heart He desires us to have.

Today, I encourage you to meditate on Psalm 139: 23-24, asking God to reveal all of the hiding places pride has been hiding in your heart.

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