It’s A Celebration!

OMG, It’s April already!

Did you know there’s something special about this month? No, I’m not referring to April Fools or April showers! On Wednesday, the 18th, I’ll be celebrating God’s faithfulness. It’s the one-year anniversary of Heroic Inspirations!

Man, where has time gone?

This time last year, Heroic Inspirations was being birthed and I had no idea why or even what to expect. I really thought it would be a pointless assignment, but I can admit I was truly wrong! Through this blog, I’ve grown leaps and bounds as a person and so have some of you. I’ve been blessed to hear all of the stories of how this blog has encouraged individuals and changed lives. God is truly amazing!

Since Wednesday is Heroic Inspirations’ anniversary, I thought it would be fitting to send out the weekly post then.

Don’t worry! You can still get some motivation today. Simply browse some of the posts from the past year here or go to any of the Heroic Inspirations’ social media pages below:

Again, I truly can’t thank you all enough for your support over the last year.

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